Sunday 17 February 2019

10.15 am

Junior & Senior Sunday School 

11.30 am

Rev David McCullagh


7.00 pm

Rev David McCullagh

5.30 pm 

YF in the Net Hall - Movie Night - Before and after church (finishing at normal time 9.300





4.30-6 pm

Tinies & Explorers

7.15-8.45 pm 

GB Juniors, Seniors & Brigadiers


2.30 pm Tuesday Fellowship
  There will be no Anchor Boys
7.30 pm Bowling Club
8.00 pm Ladies' Bible Study in the Net Hall- Study 5 "Family Ties" All ladies welcome.
8.00 pm Kirk  Session





There will be no Contact Group

8 pm

Mensnight @ Midweek 





7-8.30 pm

Junior Section BB

8.15 pm 

Badminton Club




Missionary Weekend

7-9 pm 

Company Section BB

8 pm 

Missionary weekend prayer meeting in Net Hall - all welcome.





6-7.30 pm 

Junior Youth Club - Charles' team

7.30 pm 

Ruth Koch from Tearfund & John McCandless from PCI in Main Hall

Next Sunday


10.15 am

Junior & Senior Sunday School

11.30 am

Rev Sid Garland from Mission Africa


7.00 pm

A representative from a mission agency working with other faiths

8.15 pm 

YF in the Net Hall - missionary weekend - speaker is Colin Hylands of CEF. Worship is being led by Fal All welcome and please bring friends.

Other Announcements




17 Feb Vivian McC, Julie McC, Roslyn McC, Joanna McC 24 Feb Carol McC, Karen M, Alison C, June C

Children's Church

Cunningham Room:17 Feb Karen S, Rachel McC Heather T, Rachael T 24 Feb Heather T, Rachael T, Wendy H, Rebecca McC



We have placed a Prayer Box in the vestibule. If you have a request for the Elders' Prayer Meeting on Sunday mornings you can place it in the box. All requests will be treated confidentially.



The 'Let's Pray' leaflet is available each Sunday in the vestibule.


The flower rota is now in the vestibule and there are still many available slots. The flower committee: Jane Gordon, Heather Trimble, Hazel Newwll and Rosemary Poots would like to invite you to choose a suitable Sunday and put some flowers in the church. No skill necessary!

Kirk Session in Fellowship Room